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Childhood Burn Foundation of The Republic of China
8F.-1, No.43, Ln. 115, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Taipei City 104, Taiwan
TEL:886-2-2522-4690 FAX:886-2-2522-4698
24 Hrs. Child Burn Emergency Hotline 0800-221-995
Website: http://www.cbf.org.tw
E-mail: cbf@ms.cbf.org.tw
More than twenty years ago, this familiar advertising tune opened the eyes of people on the plight of children burn survivors. With donations coming from all over Taiwan, families faced with this plight have picked up courage to face tomorrow with confidence.

Our Beginning

According to the statistics in 1987, in Taiwan, that accident was number one reason of children death and burns was ranked among top two cause of it. Before the Taiwanese National Health Insurance was started in 1995, most such burned children came from lower-income families and usually could not afford the high medical cost. Very often they have to give up the medical care. The results then would be very unpleasant.

In view of these sad facts, Mackay Memorial Hospital and Ali Shan Oasis Shrine Club (under the jurisdiction of Grand Lodge of China of Free and Accept Masons) co-founded the Childhood Burn Foundation (CBF) of The Republic of China (TAIWAN) in Nov. 1988. Through CBF, it contracted, to date, 41 hospitals which are established with Burn Centers or providing burn treatment to help burn children medically, psychosocially and financially.

The Foundation's Main Services

I. Medical Assistance
Emergency medical expense assistance: Emergency medical expense assistance for children less than 18 years old who are burn survivors. Assistance is given to around 150-200 persons per year.
Drive to integrate outpatient services: After the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance, the Foundation has worked to integrate outpatient services such as doctor, rehabilitation, nursing, nutrition, and social work. The expense shortfall is shouldered by the Foundation and each year helps around 7,000 persons.
II. Burn Prevention Movement, Dissemination, and Education
Burn prevention education: Promoting short documentaries such as “Burn is preventable” to spread the idea that burns can be prevented.
Correct first-aid education: Promoting correct first-aid methods such as “Flush, Remove, Loosen up, Cover, Send”
Holding large-scale child health education campaigns in collaboration with local government bodies. Promoting burn and accident prevention education.
III. Physical and Psychological Rehabilitation
Plastic surgery expenses assistance: Occupational and external appearance problems caused by burn scars have a great impact on the quality of life. The Foundation offers health insurance subsidies for reconstruction and rehabilitation expenses. About 100 persons are helped yearly.
Psychological rehabilitation and returning to a normal life
International child burn summer camps: Starting 1996, the Foundation has held a yearly summer camp for child burn survivors. In 1990, the activity was expanded to include international participants from Canada and Hong Kong. The event allowed the children to gain back personal and collective confidence to reenter different levels of society.
The Foundation has signed agreements with hospitals to setup burn survivor groups and through various activities, help them adjust both in mind and body.
School campaigns on child burn survivor social rehabilitation education
IV. Improving Medical Care Standards:
From the original 11 cooperating hospitals, by November 2002, this number has increased to 41. With the Foundation, these hospitals have helped, economically and socially, child burn survivors and their families.
Cooperatively setup and sponsor model hospital burn units.
Established burn epidemiology online registration system where the number of actual case burn patients can be known and where a database can assist in medial research.
Subsidize partner hospitals to facilitate burn-related equipment.
Establish international cooperating sister organizations. (Dutch Burn Foundation、Child and Burn in the Netherlands、North Carolina University Hospital Jaycee Burn Center Advisory Board、Alberta Burn Rehabilitation Society、Canadian Burn Foundation of Canada)
Co-work with the Chinese Burn Association in holding local and international burn medical conferences.

Annual Themes of Burn Prevention

Burn Is Preventable
Don't Hurt Them More With Wrong First Aid
Total Healing
Together We Can Do Burn Prevention Better
For Their Better Growth﹔Empathy﹐not Sympathy
Walk With Them To A Better World
Listen To The Bottom of Their Heart
Prevention Start It From Family
Cool The Burn-5 Steps
Burn Is Preventable
Don't Hurt Them More With Wrong First Aid
Total Healing
Together We Can Do Burn Prevention Better

The Foundation's Future Thrusts

Work for establishing a community emergency medical assistance burn network.
Continue helping partner hospitals to improve burn software and hardware equipment as well as clinical service quality.

Continue promoting and implementing guidance on burn prevention and first-aid.

Complete the epidemiology network computerization and finish other projects.

How to Help

You can help by donating in various ways
Postal Gyro Account
Please fill up a “postal gyro account” slip and remit through the post office.
Postal gyro account number: 1267541-0
Account name: Childhood burn foundation of the R.O.C
Postal fixed date donation
All those with postal accounts (including savings and gyro accounts), can fill up the “Fixed date donation direct debit authorization form” and hand it to the post office. The application form can be requested from the Foundation.

Nationwide Chang Hwa Commercial Bank's “Donation Collection”
You can go to any Chang Hwa Commercial Bank and fill up the “Childhood Burn Foundation Donation Form”.
Account number: 5081-51-34080-000
Post dated checks
Please use as addressee as: Childhood burn foundation of the R.O.C Cross check it, and send by registered mail to the Foundation
Cash donation
You can also go directly to the Foundation and donate cash.
Credit card donation
You can also use credit card to donate. Just fill in the “Credit card donation” form and fax or mail it to the Foundation. The form can be obtained from the Foundation or you can download it from the website.
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