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Dear Moms and Dads:
Be careful! There is a monster out there!
The Burn-Monster can hide anywhere just waiting for a chance to hurt your children! Don't let it!
Please help your children to remember all of these rules!

However careful you are with fire and flammable items.
The Burn-Monster always waits to jump out and hurt you!
And it is always ready!

Never play with or near lit candles.

Never go near or play with fireworks. Do not pick them up and do not put them in your pockets.

Never play with matches or lighters.

Never go near a stove when it is on.

I love to hide in these places. If you aren't careful, I'll jump out and burn you!

Make sure that the floor is dry at all times.
You don't want to slip on the wet floor and scald yourself or others with hot soup or hot tea that you are carrying.
Warn your children: “Never run when carrying hot food!”

Be careful when you drink hot chocolate or other hot drinks at a fast food restaurant, the contents may be hotter than you think!

When you fill the bathtub, always run the cold water before hot one. Always test the temperature of the water before you bathe your children.

Don't forget that the Burn-Monster also hides in those places where you least expect it to.

Never, reuse bottles or containers to hold dangerous chemicals or liquids, such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. Children may drink them by accident!

Make sure the sockets are covered with a protector and that appliances are kept out of children's reach.
Don't overload the outlet by plugging in too many appliances.

Pay attention to the motorcycles parked along the street.
Some motorcycles may have just stopped and the exhaust pipe may still be very hot.
Do not approach them.

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