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Little Teddy has been burnt! He is lucky he knows what to do and can stop any further damage.
Moms and Dads let us learn how to take care of burn injuries by following the steps below.
    To decrease the heat on the burnt skin, flush the burnt area with cold running water for 15 minutes or soak the entire burn area in a large volume of cold water.
    After the burnt area is fully immersed in the water, carefully remove the clothes under cold water. You may use scissors to cut off the clothes and remove them. If the clothes stick onto the skin, do not remove them and do not pop any blisters.
    Continue to soak the burnt area in cold water for another 15 minutes. It will help reduce the pain and calm the person down. If the burn victim is very young or the burn area covers a large portion of the body, do not soak the burnt area in water for an extended period of time. It may cause the over-all body temperature to drop and this may affect the outcome of, or delay the treatment.
    Use a clean face cloth, towel, sheet or gauze bandage to wrap the burnt area. Please do not use any ointment, herbs, salves or other remedies. These are unlikely to be helpful and may cause infection to the burnt skin. They will also interfere with the examination by the doctor.
  • SEND
    Send the burnt victim to the hospital for further medical treatment unless the burn is extremely minor. People with serious burns needed to receive treatment in hospitals with a specialized burn unit.
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